Saturday, March 27, 2010

Women and Corporate World

With all the little experience that I have got in the IT industry,I am daring to write this article. I guess, all these days have been full of training, knowledge transfers,hectic support work and above all an immense and keen observation. Being a male , obviously most of the study drifted towards women. Initially which came out of curiousity unknowingly evolved into serious observation

I don’t claim that it’s the final and eternal word. It’s just a neutral but a little biased observation and few conclusions drawn out of it. My overall impression was that women have much greater chance than men to succeed and progress in corporate world. There are many factors contributing to it. Few, I may have found out, few, I am yet to know.

So, this is an attempt to draw your attention to what I feel like having understood.


Even under intense intoxication I can definitely tell that women are lot more hardworking than their male counterparts. They are always eager to study new things and give their more than 100% in any kind of work they have taken in hands. This attitude not only wins them good command but respect in the hearts of top management.

2.Communication Skills.

Women have always been better communicators. Compared to men, mostly women tend to have more command over language. Especially, now a days in corporate world ,the fluency over English which is considered to be a mandatory norm is a kind of quality that seems to be friendlier for women. All these attributes not only make women a good communicator but an extremely effective and impactful one.

3.Good interpersonal skills.

Women have amazing interpersonal skills. They are most patient listeners on the earth. You can very easily share your feelings with them and they will really give you an impression that they care for you where as men will not listen they will just hear as if being at some superficial level. Take a small example of someone in a team returning from holidays. A woman team mate will always compassionately inquire about his health, family members even if she doesn't know any one of them.


In corporate world, appearance does matter. We know that people are mad behind the fa├žade only. And in this department, women are very clever. They have lovely dressing sense.You won’t see any woman dressed shabbily or dressed up in something which does not go with their persona.Good looking gals even have more advantage with their killer looks mixed with suitable attire , they make an overpowering and dominating combination.


This is the only quality which I would like to associate along with women only. Yes, I mean it. Women are much smarter than men. They know what to do right and what to do wrong. They know what to say right and not. They know how to impress bosses. They know how to seduce others for their own benefit. They know what they have and how to make most use of it either destructive or constructive causes. This is where they score and leave behind men miles back and this is the vital most attribute contributtting to to their success in the industry.

So, here goes my take on women and corporate world. Again, I want to make one thing pretty clear that this is not a verdict, this is just an immature observation with many flaws. I am hungry for you reviews and replies.


Kedar's blog said...

Enjoyed your post alot :)
Still don't know whether it is written in postive perspective or sarcastically.

Gayatri said...

kya baat! kya baat!! kya baat!!!
Does this come frm the observation after sitting in female occupied cubicle & working under a SMART Boss in WS ;) ;) LOL

chilmibaba said...

of course in positive perspective :)

chilmibaba said...

Hmm, this is quite an old article, have published it here recently, now over the years with experience, my views stand to change a bit..

Anonymous said...

Nice observation. Must have added many names to your female-fan-following :)