Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Confessions of an ITwallah - Heavy Steps

With heavy steps, cloudy eyes and even cloudier heart, I take a final strolls inside company campus, three years doesn't quite sound to be a big number, still when I say 36 months and  multiply it by on an average 10 hours per working day , it does seem to be infinite. When I look back, I always wonder when we try to recollect something, it's only the good people and good memories that we always carry with us or rather we always wish to carry. There is always a session of goodbyes and good wishes that marks your final moments, it's ironical that you willfully decide to leave a place and yet these last minutes keep you pulling inside, pulling towards your scanty cubicle, a company property of course but still you kept calling it your own. This is the day when you wish to capture every moment, you wish if time could pass a little more slowly.

This is a day when I feel, there is an organization, then there is me, there is an id card I keep calling a mangalsutra, there is a company bus, a cubicle, a machine, a laptop, dingy chair that I find is always missing when I come back from wash room, there are projects, there are deadlines, then there is a client, there is a manager, then there is an appraisal, there is a rating and then there are e-mails, there are arguments, there are meetings, coffee breaks, there are colleagues, there are gossips, there are chics around, nerds, geeks and politicos around and then there is me who is nowhere among them, he is there just to register his physical presence and to make ends meet, just because he couldn't do anything else preferred to end up here.

Let's admit that I am not a person with emotional outbursts. Love to have nothing but professional environment around, avoids too much personal level interactions, strictly believe that there are only colleagues at a workplace and no friends. And yet, on this day, I increasingly disprove my baseless perceptions. Whenever one leaves a place, one misses nothing but the people and there are always some special Goodbyes to carry along...

The journey continues.....

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